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No Credit Check Payday Advance?

There is no doubt that traditional loans offer you loans at a relatively lower interest rate. However, a good credit profile is a major problem in applying for these loans as bad credit holders find it very difficult during the financial crisis. But now is the time, ie a good atā for your entire problems as you can easily borrow money with no credit check payday in advance. This is an extraordinary scheme that helps you get a paycheck in advance to even know your credit score. The main reason for this scheme is that the lender knows when anyone may experience a financial crisis.

How can I apply for credit card payday?

How can I apply for credit card payday?

Credit card payday prepayment can be applied in two formats ie either secure or unsecured. Under the unsecured form, you do not have to pledge your property as collateral. You will receive money from your paycheck.

Therefore, to apply for an unsecured scheme, you must have a paycheck over $ 1000. And if you have to apply for a secured format, you have the promise of collateral to borrow funds. Property, jewelry or other valuables can be mortgaged as collateral.

Under this format, the loan amount depends on the market value of the collateral that you pledge. And if you fail to repay the loan amount, the lender is free to sell your property to earn it.

Online application?

Online application?

You can submit your application online. An easy to apply form is just enough to get money. You must have over 18 years of age, a stable source of income and an active checking bank account, your application must be approved.

Once your application receives approval, you can have cash within 24 hours. And the loan amount can be used to fulfill any of your short term needs. So, if you are facing a financial crisis and want an immediate solution then just apply this scheme.

Albert Bind is an interest rate expert and writes articles on payday loans, unsecured loans. For more information on same day cash advance, cash advance in the US, cash advance credit check visit.

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Guide to web applications multiannual loans : what to do /guide-to-web-applications-multiannual-loans-what-to-do/ /guide-to-web-applications-multiannual-loans-what-to-do/#respond Mon, 04 May 2020 03:33:55 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/guide-to-web-applications-multiannual-loans-what-to-do/ Read More Guide to web applications multiannual loans : what to do ]]> The 2019 Multiannual Loans web applications are the main channel for requesting ex Government Agency loans. How is the forwarding carried out, what must those who want to receive the loan do? Here we list all the operations to be performed.

How the request is made for long-term loans

How the request is made for long-term loans

The request for a multi-year loan is undoubtedly one of the most delicate steps for the user interested in financing. How is the consignment produced? Web applications Long-term loans are the main solution.

For their use, the user must use the Social Institute.it website. Inside, the page called “Multi-year loan directed to members Unitary management of credit and social benefits” will be sought. It is a resource that allows you to view more information regarding financing.

By taking advantage of the ” Access the service ” link, the user can initiate the procedure involving the online request for the credit line.

This requires possession of the Social Institute PIN and the tax code. If you do not have the PIN, you need to apply to the Institute. Staying within the scope of the request, we must underline other provisions of the social security institution.

Public employees in operation will have to provide the request to the reference administration, while pensioners, in addition to multi-year loan web applications, can also rely on the Contact center, which answers the 803 164 number from the fixed network, and the patronage.

All information on online calculation Multi-year loans

All information on online calculation Multi-year loans

The Social Institute website is also an important tool for calculating the repayment of former direct Government Agency loans. Calculation that is produced using another online service, the one called “Public Employee Management: simulation of calculation of small loans and multi-year loans “.

The user will have to enter the data that will be used for the processing of the repayment plan.

Differences between small Social Institute loan and direct multi-year loan

The direct multi-year loan is a product ex Government Agency and therefore is now administered by the National Social Security Institute. The regulation that defines its characteristics provides that the repayment project is structured over two time intervals: five or ten years.

The direct multiannual uses the methods of repayment of the credit typical of the assignment of the fifth. The installment is processed in the light of a fixed interest rate of 3.50%. The funding provides for specific restrictions on access. In fact, only civil servants and pensioners registered in the unitary management of credit and social benefits can achieve it.

The same ones that can apply for the Small loan, which however differs from the Multi-year from various points of view. The most obvious aspect is perhaps the interest rate: 4.25%. But the duration, from 12 to 48 months, and the use also change: the use of the loan is not associated with specific limitations.

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Borrowing for renovation /borrowing-for-renovation/ /borrowing-for-renovation/#respond Mon, 04 May 2020 03:31:39 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/borrowing-for-renovation/ Read More Borrowing for renovation ]]> Do you need to borrow money to rebuild, rebuild or renovate your home? A renovation loan can pay off in the long run because it increases the value of the home. There are several ways to borrow for renovation. We figure out the options!

Raise your mortgage

Raise your mortgage

An alternative to financing the construction is to borrow the value of your existing home. Since you are mortgaging the home as collateral for a mortgage, the interest rate is generally lower for a mortgage, compared to a private loan. However, you need to take into account how much you need to repay. If you currently have a low mortgage and borrow the value of the home you already live in, you may get more than 70 percent of the loan in terms of the home’s total valuation. If you borrow money for more than 70 percent of that value, you will need to repay two percent a year.

If you instead optimize the loan so that you end up with less than 70 percent in mortgage, you only need to repay one percent per year. All loans below 50 percent, on the other hand, are completely amortization-free. What applies to repayments is governed by the government’s repayment requirement that was introduced in 2018. Before you decide how to lend to your renovation – make a calculation where you clearly see what an extended mortgage will cost you each month.

Take out a private loan

Take out a private loan

If for some reason you do not want to raise your existing mortgage, you can take out a private loan to finance renovations. You do not have to mortgage the housing and instead you get a loan that is completely separate from your other mortgage costs. Since you do not pledge anything to take out a private loan, you cannot also fix the interest rate. Instead, the interest rate is governed by the Riksbank’s national policy rate, the so-called repo rate. The banks also set interest rates based on your ability to pay and creditworthiness, which means that all loan terms are individual.

The total cost of a private loan is based on the loan amount and repayment period, but also on the effective interest rate. By this is meant the nominal interest rate plus all additional fees for planning and notification. Therefore, it is always a good idea to carefully review all fees before you take out a loan, as the terms may differ considerably between different actors. Father Brown’s loan calculation is a valuable tool for calculating the cost of a home loan. The digital service allows you to purchase bank loans directly from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Building credit

Building credit

Another way to borrow for renovation is to sign a building credit. Then you get a credit granted by your bank or lender, which is redeemed when the construction itself is completed. The advantage of the credit is that it can be difficult to calculate the total construction amount before you are completely finished, and this way you do not have to take into account unexpected costs. The credit is simply not paid until the entire construction is completed and you know what the total amount landed on.

The main difference between building credit from a mortgage is that you need a home as collateral for a mortgage, you do not need a credit. Those who want to build a brand new home cannot normally pledge this home until the construction is complete. However, it is possible to do with a building credit. When the construction work is completed, a valuation of the home is made and the costs incurred through your building credit are paid with this type of mortgage. Don’t forget that the interest on a building credit is often negotiable, just like any other loan.

A long-term investment

A long-term investment

Renovating the home often adds value and can be a smart investment for the future. Even if it costs you a lot to change the kitchen or build a new bathroom, it makes the home a better standard and thus a better value in the market. Once you have completely renovated this time, you can always make a valuation with a real estate agent. The valuation can be used as a basis for negotiating the mortgage interest rate with your bank. However, you may only make such an assessment every five years, so think about and plan at what times it is best to make an assessment. If you are planning to renovate again in a year or two, it may be wise to wait to do a market valuation until you feel more ready

Whichever loan option you choose, remember to always compare the banks’ various interest rates and loan terms to find what suits you and your finances best. Here you can make a quick and easy loan check that gives you the best chance of finding the best price on your loan.

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Small loans from private individuals /small-loans-from-private-individuals/ /small-loans-from-private-individuals/#respond Tue, 18 Feb 2020 09:03:14 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/small-loans-from-private-individuals/ Read More Small loans from private individuals ]]>

Sometimes there is not enough money to fulfill small wishes. Because the amount may be too small, taking out a loan is not worthwhile. The possibility would still be the overdraft of the current account, if there is a overdraft facility and has not yet been exhausted. But there is the possibility of taking out small loans from private individuals. This option can even prove to be quite inexpensive, because here the loan seeker determines the interest rate.

Lite Lender Bank.

Lite Lender Bank.

There are portals on the Internet on which small loans from private individuals can be found. The most famous portal is probably Smava. Here private individuals have come together to lend money with the aim of investing profitably. The interest for this is higher than with conventional forms of investment. This inevitably results in a higher return. This form of borrowing is almost ideal for small loans.

Who can borrow money here?

Who can borrow money here?

In principle, everyone can apply for a loan on this portal for small loans from private individuals. The user has to register beforehand and can then express his or her credit request. Here is asked about the purpose. In addition, he should indicate how much interest he is willing to pay. Each connected user can now agree to the loan application or not. In reality, this means that the loan amount is not paid out by one person, but by several people.

The participants of this platform secure themselves through a fund that steps in in the event of failures so that the members do not suffer any financial losses. But here it is all the more important that the applicant’s Credit Bureau is checked. Anyone who thinks that negative information is irrelevant is wrong. Private investors in particular want to see their money secured. Without a perfect credit rating, there is no money here either.

Such a way of borrowing is really worth it for small amounts. Higher loans cannot be financed with this. But that’s not what the portal is for. In contrast to banks, the self-employed and freelancers are very welcome here.

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Payday loan for public workers /payday-loan-for-public-workers/ /payday-loan-for-public-workers/#respond Mon, 17 Feb 2020 08:11:34 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/payday-loan-for-public-workers/ Read More Payday loan for public workers ]]>

The payday loan is a loan that is usually requested by those who have an employment contract, both for a fixed term and for an indefinite period. In the specific case of public workers , there are many possibilities for taking out a loan , all very advantageous and economic.

Payday loan for public workers

Payday loan for public workers

The payday loan for public workers can be seen as a solution with which you can buy everything you need and pay it in installments, without problems and without difficulty. Indeed, if problems arise in the future, one can also think of a renegotiation of the payday loan of the salary.

The payday loan is, we well know, a loan that can be repaid by withholding the monthly installment directly from your net salary. The monthly installment is retained by the employer, in this case by the institution where it operates, and is paid to the financial company where the loan was taken out.



The main advantage of these loans is related to being able to take advantage of a very advantageous interest rate. Thanks to agreements between the public body and the financial company, civil servants can have interest rates which are usually lower and which make it even more convenient to apply for a loan.

Who can apply?

Anyone who works for a fixed – term or permanent contract with a public body can apply for this loan. In the specific case of an employee with a fixed-term employment contract, please refer to the general conditions of fixed-term loans, in particular as regards the duration of the loan itself.

The installments to be repaid

The installments to be repaid

The installments to be repaid for this type of loan are usually fixed as an amount and as an interest rate. In this way it will be possible to organize your monthly salary in a better and more precise way, in order to have absolutely no problems with other expenses.

Installment calculation and free online quote

In order to apply for a payday loan for public workers, you can go directly online and request a free and no-obligation quote. In this way it will be possible to evaluate, staying comfortably at home, the various quotes and find the best one for you.

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You should know that about quick loans /you-should-know-that-about-quick-loans/ /you-should-know-that-about-quick-loans/#respond Tue, 11 Feb 2020 08:20:15 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/you-should-know-that-about-quick-loans/ Read More You should know that about quick loans ]]>

You may have become acquainted with words such as SMS loans, quick loans or some other kind of fast loan. These types of loans are quick and easy to take out. In fact, you can get approved for a quick loan in just a few minutes, and even have the money on the account the same day. If you find it difficult to borrow money through the bank, then the quick loan process will be considerably easier as everything can be done online.

Easy and convenient. However, a quick loan is not for everyone. In this article we will discuss what a mortgage loan is for a size, how it actually works and what the difference is between a mortgage loan and a bank loan.

What is a quick loan and how does it work?

What is a quick loan and how does it work?

Basically, a quick loan is a quick loan. Hence the name. If you are missing out on a small amount of money for a new television, payment of unforeseen costs or something else, then a quick loan is the fastest way to capital. The way you take out a quick loan is typically through an online loan provider. This is where the entire process typically takes place online, where you first apply for a quick loan.

The loan provider then prepares an assessment of your application. If your application is considered to be approved, then the loan provider will pay out the desired amount of capital in your account.

However, a quick loan is not something everyone can take up. If you are registered in RKI, it can be difficult to take out a quick loan. This is because RKI registrants are listed as bad payers and thus the loan provider will be skeptical about the process. This is because the loan provider is afraid that you will not repay the borrowed money.

What is the difference between a quick loan and a bank loan?

What is the difference between a quick loan and a bank loan?

Maybe you have asked yourself the difference between a quick loan and a bank loan. Here is one of the major differences in documentation and security. When choosing to take out a loan through the bank, they are particularly skeptical about the repayment. Therefore, they will most often require documentation in the form of, for example, your paycheck. They do this for security reasons as they want to be sure that they can get the loan back again within the agreed loan period.

When you choose to take out a quick loan through an online loan provider, they usually do not require any documentation or security regarding the loan. The loan provider does not need to see your paycheck and is not interested in the amount of loans that you have taken up. However, there is a garden for a quick loan when comparing this type of loan with a bank loan. Namely, the interest rate. The mortgage loan provider will require a much higher interest rate than the bank.

This is mainly due to the fact that a quick loan is of a smaller size and that they very much want their money back. Especially if you cannot repay the loan amount within the loan period.

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Credit Agency: A Guide to Credit Management, Debt Collection, Outsourcing. /credit-agency-a-guide-to-credit-management-debt-collection-outsourcing/ /credit-agency-a-guide-to-credit-management-debt-collection-outsourcing/#respond Tue, 28 Jan 2020 08:06:45 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/credit-agency-a-guide-to-credit-management-debt-collection-outsourcing/ Read More Credit Agency: A Guide to Credit Management, Debt Collection, Outsourcing. ]]> How many companies can say that all their invoices are paid on or before their due date and they have no irrecoverable claims? The statistics say, very few. The likelihood is that your business will also miss the benefits of higher levels of working capital.

When any company examines their long-standing or ‘older’ debt reports, one of the first things they look at is bad debt and, in particular, Age over 90 days old. These are generally considered to be areas of concern and so they are, of course, the accounts that are first chased for collection. Chasing the old accounts first (conditional value) is actually the correct action to take, but surely it would be better to avoid accounts coming to 90 days, 60 days or even a day exceeded in the first lap?

The next time you take a look at your old debt report, just don’t look at the value of accounts over 60 or 90 days old but calculate the value of all overdue accounts. Think for a moment how much better off your business would be if this money was available.

Consider what your business can achieve with it

Consider what your business can achieve with it

Unless you are a financing house, you are definitely not in the business of borrowing money, so why not let someone else hold that cash that is rightfully yours and take advantage of it?

But you say, how can I prevent a debt an old debt incurs? The secret is, start chasing payment much earlier in the credit cycle and get credit processes started even before the sale is completed!

Before completing sales yourself, perform a credit check on your customer (depending on the value), especially if they are new and an unknown quantity. Providing any type of credit will expose your business to credit risk (such as a defaulted payment), so it’s clearly in your best interest to find out who your customer is and whether they have the option of paying rid of your invoice.

So your sales are completed and you now know from credit check that your customer absolutely has the means to pay your invoice. Now all you have to do is collect the money that is excellent!

As mentioned earlier, the best way to reduce your age debt is by operating early in the credit cycle. This is where an outsourced credit management service comes into its own as there are several steps involved in the process and your time is precious.

First, you must confirm that the customer received their invoice well in advance of the due date and determine if the invoice is to be queried in any way whatsoever. If a query is raised, report it on your sales finance management system. If this is something that cannot be achieved on your accounting systems, this is already an indicator that your business is one that would benefit from outsourcing to a collections agency that can.

By tagging queries/activities against all invoices, you can easily see if there are any issues that may result in late or non-payment, which highlights whether process improvements are needed in other areas of the business. This is a useful tool for any business!

At this point, you – or your outsourcing provider – can work to resolve any queries, or send copy documentation (so as to remove all valid excuses for non-payment). Once all issues are resolved, a commitment can be obtained from your customer, when and how the invoice should be paid (and they can be reminded of the payment terms). This results in support portal payments across sales Finance.

If you outsource this process

If you outsource this process

Keep in mind the quality of service will affect your reputation for good or bad. It is crucial to choose a provider whose staff is well trained, preferably with the Institute of Credit Management qualifications and has the necessary qualifications. They will then contact your customers on a confidential basis (in your name) or published basis. The only role a good debt collection team is to contact your customers, flag up any queries, and make payment commitments. If performed courteously, firmly and effectively, the results can be excellent.

Effective fundraising owes you that you have to rely less on external funding sources. This, in turn, will allow you to negotiate discounts with suppliers, as you are now able to pay them faster. Outsourcing is an added benefit, too, so the size of your debt collection team increased or decreased as a result of your busiest or slowest periods. This allows you to reduce costs when you do not need staff and only pay for extra help when you have increased sales.

Many companies that have not yet reaped the benefits of outsourcing


The credit function says they are concerned about communication issues or collectors’ clearly perceived lack of industry-specific knowledge. It is important, therefore, to outsource to a provider of industry-specialized teams assigned to individual team members to manage your accounts on an ongoing basis. A provider should be able to prove to you that industry-specific training is a key part of their staff training and development programs.

Effective outsourced credit management is about effective communication between organizations. You need to ensure that you have a dedicated account manager who stays in regular contact with you (on agreed timeframes) and disseminates information to you in ways that you will easily understand.

In addition, look for a company that can provide access to a wide range of information about your sales finance in real-time using a secure web browser. This ensures that you always know what’s going on!

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Loans are lenders cheating on the OPP? /loans-are-lenders-cheating-on-the-opp/ /loans-are-lenders-cheating-on-the-opp/#respond Mon, 13 Jan 2020 08:48:09 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/loans-are-lenders-cheating-on-the-opp/ Read More Loans are lenders cheating on the OPP? ]]>

One pound from one lender is as good as one pound from another. So when you are shopping for a loan, the key issue becomes interest rates.

Could some be cheating by promoting a lower APR than the rate they are eligible for? The commercial success of promotion can be hugely improved with a really low APR. We think some should be tempted, right?

But who is to verify that the OPP is calculated correctly?


In one survey, 92% of all borrowed ads that were checked, an APR typically. (You will find below, a detailed explanation of what APR actually means, including its variants). The APR typically means that at least 66% of applicants are approved for a loan offered that APR rate or cheaper. None included that two-thirds would have been offered a higher rate than the stated APR typically.

The problem is that no independent body controls these numbers. So the system is open to cheating. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) regulates the sale of personal loans, but even they admit that their resources are overstretched and they only control on a reactive basis.

We think it is administrative to speak for almost never!

We think it is administrative to speak for almost never!

The influential trade magazine Moneyfacts has twice raised the same concerns with the OFT asking them what checks are being carried out at the AOP quoted by lenders. After all, lenders can get to the top of the magazine’s Best-Buy tables with a low APR and gain significant amounts of business as a result.

Understanding the OPP

APR is an abbreviation for “annual percentage rate”. It illustrates the true cost of the money borrowed on loans, mortgages, and credit cards. And by law, consumers must have that information.

The APR calculation takes into account the basic interest rate, any initial fees when the interest is charged (ie daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) and any other costs you have to pay. Since all lenders are legally required to calculate APR in the same way, it should allow consumers to make meaningful cost comparisons between lending products.

So, if one financial company offers you a 5.6% loan plus an application fee of $ 100 and another offers you an interest rate of 5.8% without fees, then a comparison of the OPP figures will show which of the loans is the cheapest.

Variable APR

When you see the APR with the word variable written after it, it means that the interest rate may vary while you are repaying the loan — the interest rate is not fixed.

This variant is used in 92% of all loan advertisements


This means that the advertiser may not be specific about the interest rate applicants will be offered as their rates vary, usually in response to the applicant’s personal credit ratings and the amount they wish to borrow.

Therefore, the OPP variable is typically used to give the public a general impression of the interest rates currently offered by this lender. The addition of the word typically means that at least 66% of applicants who are approved for a loan are offered this rate or cheaper. So, once a loan offer is confirmed, the paperwork will reveal the actual APR or APR variable actually being offered.

Don’t forget that the word variable in the description also means that the interest rate is not fixed and may vary from time to time, going up or down.

APR typically

This is the same as the APR variable typically except that the interest rate is not variable – it is fixed for the term of the loan.

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Find driving license loans here /find-driving-license-loans-here/ /find-driving-license-loans-here/#respond Fri, 03 Jan 2020 08:32:44 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/find-driving-license-loans-here/ Read More Find driving license loans here ]]>

Have you finally reached the age at which the driver’s license should be taken, or are you just missing the money to renew it? Then you can quickly and easily take out a loan online for such a purpose. The bank typically will not be happy to issue loans for consumption, which is why you have the option of a loan online instead.

When borrowing online , you neither provide collateral to the loan provider nor explain what the money should be used for, which is why it is typically easier and faster to get in place. You can read more here about borrowing the driver’s license online.

Driving License Loans – How Much Can You Borrow?

Driving License Loans - How Much Can You Borrow?

You have both the possibility of larger and smaller amounts when you borrow online. How much you can then borrow will depend on which loan provider and type of loan you choose. You have the opportunity here to find two types of loans. You can read more about them here.

Consumer loans for driving licenses

Consumer loans for driving licenses

The only option you have is to take out a consumer loan . This loan gives you the chance to borrow a slightly larger amount and the opportunity to have a slightly longer maturity on the loan if desired. With a consumer loan, you can borrow between USD 3,000 and 350,000 and choose a maturity of between 1 and 15 years. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to borrow enough money for a driver’s license.

The other option is to take out a quick loan . Instead, it is a loan that is taken quickly and then repaid quickly. This loan gives you the opportunity to borrow up to USD 6,000, and with some USD 10,000, so it may just cover parts of the loan for the driver’s license. However, with some loan providers it is possible to borrow for free the first time that is borrowed, if only the money is repaid within the 30 days.

The loan has quite high interest rates and it is therefore important that it be repaid quickly. Therefore, be sure that you can repay the loan before you apply for it, as it can be very expensive for you if you do not get the loan repaid.

Driving License Loans – Compare your options

Driving License Loans - Compare your options

It is important that you do not simply borrow from the first loan provider you find online. There are many different loan providers online who all want to lend you money. The different loan providers can then offer different loan terms, some better than others, so it is important to have the market examined before borrowing. This can ultimately mean that you are going to save a lot of money by choosing the right loan provider.

Here you have the chance to compare the different loan providers with each other. Simply use our loan calculator, which you will find here on the site. In this you enter where you are interested in borrowing a driving license and how long you want. Then you will get an overview of the loan options you have. Here you can compare the cost of borrowing from each individual, 

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USD 5,000 to USD20,000 Personal Loan Interest /usd-5000-to-usd20000-personal-loan-interest/ /usd-5000-to-usd20000-personal-loan-interest/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 08:47:41 +0000 http://www.kurier-bg.net/usd-5000-to-usd20000-personal-loan-interest/ Read More USD 5,000 to USD20,000 Personal Loan Interest ]]> Loan amount from 5,000 to 20,000 Swiss francs with a term of up to 36 months. Each bank specifies certain conditions for the bank loans that these banks offer. All borrowers must meet these conditions unless otherwise specified.

Credit comparison of Swiss personal loans

Credit comparison of Swiss personal loans

We will now show you which bank receives the best interest rates and which investment period enables these interest rates. The common banks do not have the best interest on their fixed assets either. Therefore, it is best to check the various banks and their conditions for use beforehand.

Calculation example for 20,000 USD


You want to apply for a loan of USD 20,000 from a bank. Two different effective annual interest rates are available: 1) 4.5% and 2) 9.9%. With this interest, interest costs are due for 36 months of 1) 1,388.80 Swiss Francs and for 2) 3,056.10 Swiss Francs and a monthly rate of 1) USD 594.15 and 2) USD 640.45.

Basically, a loan is not wrong. However, attention is so often drawn to the fact that the banks that provide the loans have certain requirements for borrowers. Do not get in touch with all banks where you may want to apply for a cheap loan. Be careful and first use the information that is made available on the Internet. Which credit card do the banks offer? Do all banks offer cheap loans?

What are the requirements for borrowers?

What do you want to do with the money? When it comes to consumer loans, there are a few other things to consider, such as terms, interest, and repayment. In the event of credit losses, all banks offer a replacement, but not all insurance for their finances. As you can see there are more and more questions to answer. Once you have answered all the questions, you still have to decide.

Here we give you a list of banks for fixed assets of 5,000 Swiss Francs. This list shows you a selection of the best banks for your personal loans:

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